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Over the years my art work has centered on site-specified commissions.
Creating large-scale art for public spaces allows me the privilege of having my work available to many people;
to be part of their daily lives.

The execution of large-scale commission work is a process that involves working with architects, project directors, construction supervisors, art committees and the general public. It is the process of collaboration, mutual respect and willingness to keep an open mind; a process with which I am familiar and enjoy a great deal.
My sculpture manifests the effects of line and color by means of interrelated color stripes. Through this simple expression of stripes I try to relate complex reflections and thoughts. The work incorporates the color and texture of traditional materials along with the three dimensional capabilities of formed sheet acrylic. The tightly woven sculptures are composed of interlocking panels that hang from the ceiling. The exposed vertical warp creates a translucent linear element.
My formal art training was in fine art - painting. I studied loom weaving techniques with a master of weaving and worked as an apprentice in a professional weaving studio. In 1977 I opened my weaving studio in northern California where I began executing large-scale site-specified fiber sculpture. In 1979 I moved back to Michigan continuing and expanding the scope of my commission work.
In the summer of 1987 I began work on a continuing sculpture series of collaborative constructions with my husband, Clyde Foles, with whom I also maintain a design consulting firm, Dalton & Foles Design, in our northern Michigan home, Camp Potawotami.

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