The Commission Process

Spatial Stripes: Red/rose
Dimensions: 13'Wx8'Hx1'D, 5 panels
Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo MI Commission awarded through Commission on Art in Public Places, State of MI. 
The Maquette & Drawing
The design presentation including front elevations, plan view, perspective and color samples. If a maquette, space model, is required the price of the design fees varies depending upon complexity of the piece.
Red/rose detail Technical Information
The works are woven on a floor loom using a warp covered tabby weave. The warp is then tied off and attached to heat formed sheet acrylic that has been drilled. When the weaving is tied on and tension adjusted, it takes on the shapes of the acrylic armature at the top. They are hung from the ceiling using cable or mono-filament line and the bottom warp is trimmed insitu.
The warp is linen. Weft is Swedish wool, with accents of Spanish rayon. Some pieces include a horizontal element of anodized aluminum and steel. The armature is heat-formed, drilled and counter-sunk sheet acrylic.

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