Advanced Master Gardener, Suzanne Dalton Suzanne Dalton, a nationally recognized fiber artist, has had a passion for gardening since planting her first vegetable garden as a child. She moved to northern Michigan, with her artist/designer husband Clyde Foles, in 1990 from a 5th story apartment in Detroit's Cultural Center. Imagine the transition from cultivating apartment-size topiaries to dealing with 42 acres of meadow and forest. Together they've designed, built, planted and maintain their many gardens. Suzanne, an advance Master Gardener initiated the MG program in Antrim county and was the coordinator for three years.
Designing with Spring Bulbs

Autumn is bulb planting time, but it's hard to imagine Spring tulips when the leaves on the trees are turning such brilliant colors. Suzanne Dalton will take us on a slide show tour of her Spring garden with it's many imaginative uses and combinations of bulb flowers.
List of Bulbs

Designing with Summer Bulbs

Bulbs aren’t only for Spring color! Summer bulbs provide a focal point in the garden that begin blooming the end of May and continues through September. Suzanne Dalton will take us on a slide show tour of her lush Summer garden with it’s many imaginative uses and combinations of lilies, English irises, glads and alliums that accents the garden.

Color in the Garden

Color is basic in art as well as in gardening. Suzanne Dalton uses color in creating superb weavings and sensational gardens. She will be showing slides and discussing ways of weaving color into our gardens to create drama and delight.

Spring Garden Walk at Camp Potawotami

Featuring many spring blooming bulbs of many species: tulips, daffodils, chionodoxa, crocus. Every fall we plant about 800 hybrid & species bulbs our gardens. We particularly like the species bulbs. These are the primary bulbs from which hybrids are developed, the nice things is that, unlike hybrids that give up blooming after a few seasons, these little guys not only keep on bloomin' they multiply like crazy!

Culinary Herbs

A workshop on culinary herbs, their uses, how and where to plant them. Assuming you're going to have an abundance of these delectable goodies, we'll cover harvesting, preserving and cooking with these tasty trifles.

Flower & Vegetable Gardening
with Raised Beds

Getting more from your garden space and the growing season. Suzanne will conduct a seminar on planning and preparing raised beds. Included will be a slide presentation demonstrating construction and planting ideas. Discussion will also cover irrigation & planting techniques.

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